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Digitalization for you:

IT is changing.

We can digitalize your operations by concentrating on your company’s departments.

apintra® Products

Years of mature and future-oriented software solutions have emerged from our cooperation with experts in various fields.


Asset accounting

apintra Industrieanlage

ERP (Production)

ERP (Trading)

Supply Chain


If the components in our various modules are not enough, we can develop specific solutions and apps for your company’s needs..

Our principle is:

IT has to adapt to the company, not the company to IT!

And that’s exactly what it has been doing since the early 1980s. Our customers are always satisfied and happy with our solutions.

We use a unique technology that has a number of distinguishing features.

No matter your industry.



There are 8 advantages for you:

Maximum speed

Your data is found and processed almost in real time. How: Our relational database


Work wherever you want! The latest technology supports you and your PC or Mac, tablet, smartphone, laptop.


Important, especially if you use the cloud: our technology uses the latest encryption methods.

PDF or XLS reports

All reports are output either using PDF streaming technology or as Excel spreadsheets.


The software can be easily configured in any language.

Open interfaces

Our open interfaces enable simple configuration and expansion of software solutions with products from third-party providers.

Fast operational readiness

In one case, it took just a week from when the contract was signed and the software was ready to use. The number of customer-specific changes required will determine how much time it takes.

Variant production

Our parts list processor as part of the ERP/PPS solution enables the simple production of product variants in a way that no other software allows.


Five functionality examples

"Drawing parts and assemblies are clearly displayed. The accompanying calculation provides information on the costs incurred in the project."

Lothar Ostermeier

"Phenomenal speed. Well-structured database. It is possible to answer all kinds of queries without any problems."

Frank Schürmann

"The recursive parts list processor is unique. The dimensions of the materials can be specified by line item in the parts list"

Günter Rolfing


Future-oriented technology

Developed for and tested on all major platforms and devices

No matter which platforms or devices you and your team members prefer, you can get started quickly without extensive adjustments. This applies to Germany as well as to the rest of the world. On your Mac, tablet or iPad. Our technology has open interfaces. This allows you to easily transfer the data from other applications or from other partners.

apintra® automation solutions

apintra® provides the greatest possible automation in your operations.

Free yourself of the need to have your own IT department! You can still enjoy the advantages of an experienced IT team with the greatest possible automation. Simply use the SyncLine services!

Cloud solution

Our cloud solution with integrated booking service

If you want to use your data online in a variety of ways without installing any software, then SyncLine’s what you need.

With this system you can:

  • keep your books in accordance with current regulations,
  • use the booking service if you like,
    automatically integrate data from eCommerce platforms,
  • use the interfaces to electronic tax filing, recapitulative statements for VAT, etc.,
  • give your accountant access to the data,
    book an accountant if you like,
  • and much more!

Learn about all of the other functions at syncLine.de!

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