Our product history

SYNC and Latitude are developments from the early 80's and originated in Silicon Valley. These products have been successfully marketed more than 70,000 times in the US.

The apintra product line also has origins in Silicon Valley - in Menlo Park, the headquarters of the former company RDS, later Informix (today a product of IBM).

The Informix relational database was the foundation of our apintra ERP products. But also technologies, functions and experiences from the products SYNC and Latitude are still a basis in wide areas of apintra ERP products today.

Our Product lines

SYNC, Latidude, apintra, SyncLine

The SYNC and Latitude products are still supported in the USA. Please send us your request.

The apintra products and the new SyncLine product line (finance and accounting from the cloud) is currently only available in Europe. Inquiries from potential partners are welcome.

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Our Product Lines

apintra Product Line

Production-oriented ERP solutions for any business

apintra Product Line

SyncLine Cloud Solution

Our cloud solution with integrated booking service

SyncLine Product Line

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