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The apintra® technology in focus

Tailor-made, future-oriented, ready for mobile use: that’s what sets apintra® technology apart. All programs and the overall user guidance are structured to make introduction as easy as possible. As the user, you are always the focus of the applications.

Quote: “With our fastest product launch, it took less than a month between signing the contract and using the software. In this case, few adjustments were necessary, but it shows the possibilities.” – Gerhard Hartkemeier

The highlights of our technology

High processing speed: queries are answered immediately with the help of the relational database, using the latest data that has just been created in production, in the online shop or elsewhere.

All records can be found: search in every visible field and be sure that the answer is correct. “If you want to find all transactions for $10.55, ask the database for all transactions between $10.54 and $10.56. You will have the answer in a split second. Even if you have many millions of data records.” – Gerhard Hartkemeier

Data Security: your data is always correct. This is guaranteed by transaction processing and replications.

Multilingualism: all team members can access the system in the language they feel most comfortable with, whether English, German, or another language. Reports can be generated in any other language.

Flexible availability: desktop, smartphone or tablet. Access the information you want from any available end device. No matter where you happen to be at the moment.

Collaboration: your team can grow. Since it is not only employees who have access via the open interfaces, but also others, whether it’s your accountant, the tax office, a trading partner such as Amazon or an online payment service provider.

Security: as a rule, we encrypt every server connection. We can optionally even encrypt your entire database. And you decide whether you want to work in the cloud or with in-house infrastructure.

Output format as desired: reports are exported in PDF or XLSX format. Want something else? Let’s talk about it!

Our technology: made usable by experts

All apintra products were developed because users were lacking something they needed for their day-to-day work. For example: a real-time inventory check for online retailers, a useful way of handling material master records for producers or a solution for accountants to find entries. Our IT experts then developed the solutions. Here are a few more ingredients:
  • virtual infrastructures (e.g. Proxmox, VMWare) can be used in-house
  • support for various databases (IBM INFORMIX, ORACLE, mySQL)
  • end-to-end transaction processing
  • replications
  • modular design
  • real-time processing
  • open interfaces (XML)
  • tablet PC support [iPad, Android]
  • multilingualism (user interface and reporting separated)
  • plausibility checks
  • outputs/printouts optionally as PDF or in XLSX format (Numbers, Excel)
  • optional field-related encryption (e.g. bank data) => depending on the DBMS system
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