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apintra® eCommerce

eCommerce solution for shop operators and Amazon/eBay sellers

The apintra® eCommerce module can processes 99% of all transactions bookings, whether it’s 100 or 100,000. If you are an Amazon seller, whoever handles order fulfillment is not important for this system.

All transactions are automatically prepared for accounting.

Examples include:

  • sales,
  • reimbursements,
  • refunds,
  • commingled purchases,
  • commingled sales,
  • shipments within the EC.

In combination with our SyncLine product line (https://www.syncline.de) or apintra® finance and accounting, this is the ideal solution for your complete business accounts (financial accounting, incl. ESLTER, GoBD, etc.).

All apintra solutions are based on the same technology and have the same advantages. These include multi-client capability, plausibility check, open interfaces, availability in terms of location and time, and the ability to quickly find each individual data record.

Selected features

  • Based on the highest security standards, all connections between client and server are encrypted.
  • The software can be operated either as an in-house solution on your own server or as a Cloud solution on a data center in Frankfurt.
  • Any number of users, meaning that the number can be adjusted according to seasonal requirements.
  • Unlimited transactions.
  • Cloud version can be canceled monthly.
The following figure illustrates the procedure and the tax treatment based on a shipment within the EC.
Amazon Schnittstelle

The module processes all EC shipments and tax regimes:

A pro forma invoice is created, which is sent from one country to the next and always to yourself. These invoices clearly show which goods were transported to which country.

These postings are necessary because EC shipments have to be reported on the recapitulative statement. An open item is thus entered on the recapitulative statement when the postings are transferred to financial accounting (marked in blue). Since pro forma invoices are generally not billed to the customer, the open item is settled directly when the data is transferred (marked in gray).

The report for intra-trade statistics (dispatch) is made on the basis of the delivery note to the warehouse. This means that the pro forma invoice does not have to be reported for intra-trade statistics.

For monitoring, country-dependent turnover (threshold) per EU country can be easily retrieved and tracked.

In addition to these interfaces to all major trading venues, our solutions guarantee high speed, multilingualism, intelligent SQL search function and comprehensive security.