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The apintra® dashboard

In order to manage your operations in whole or in part efficiently, you need to have the most up-to-date figures available at all times. apintra can make all of your operational figures available in a business intelligence application. A real-time overview of the data that has already been booked is displayed as a diagram or as a list, as desired.

Every company needs a different set of numbers. Which KPIs matter to you? These numbers are presented accordingly. This way you can understand what’s going on in the background, make a precise analysis and act accordingly.

The dashboard can be set up according to your needs.

This dashboard is the last step in the digitalization of your operations since all data records from can now be integrated and mapped.

Even newly acquired locations can be integrated relatively quickly so you can all benefit from the advantages of apintra.

Sales values can be represented geographically, as in the following figure:


Geografische Umsatzdarstellung

Geografische Umsatzdarstellung als Weltkarte. Der Umsatzbereich kann über Schieberegler definiert werden.


Kumulierte Umsatzwerte

Hier werden statistische Werte mit Trenddarstellung definiert und dargestellt.



Schieberegler zur Visualisierung des Umsatzes in verkaufsrelevanten Bereichen.

To show other metrics, you may want to use other diagrams:

Apps nach Betrachtungsweisen

Hier wurden die Daten unterschiedlich angezeigt - z.B. Umsatz, Kosten und Profit werden verschiedentlich grafisch dargestellt.

Es ist möglich, die Datensätze weiter aufzusplitten um einzelne Entwicklungen genauer anzuzeigen.

Here, for example, sales, profits (and costs) are compared in various ways.
You will find more information behind the pulsating hotspots. To make these visible, move your mouse pointer over them.

To show other metrics, you may want to use other diagrams:

[dsm_icon_list image_padding=”10px” image_max_width=”50px” _builder_version=”4.11.3″ _module_preset=”default” custom_padding=”0px|||||” global_colors_info=”{}”][/dsm_icon_list]
The view can be drilled down to the level of the individual data set so that you can always see the exact data. The background also becomes clearer.

This is exactly the information you need!