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Customized solutions based on apintra technology

apintra® solutions already cover many options. Nevertheless, we distinguish three options:

  • Customizing – starting with our standard solution and tailoring it to your needs by changing a large number of parameters (e.g. time units to be used in work planning – hour, industrial minute, minute). This allows a large proportion of the adjustments to be made.
  • Add-on – a widely used option at apintra. This option includes the creation of additional programs without touching the core of the apintra® system. Among other things, new features and programs can be created from the existing portfolio of functions.
  • Modification of programs – is the possibility of modifying the standard functions, i.e. the source code, of apintra programs. We see this option as more difficult. We therefore only use it in exceptional cases. Due to the need to maintain the adjustment, this will cost more in the future, too.