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About apintra®

apintra Inc. is a database-oriented manufacturer of business solutions (ERP) for industry, trade, and services.

The company was founded as a US stock corporation by IT specialists based around the world and a US investment company. The company’s head office is in New York and its registered office is in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

The majority of apintra Inc. stock is held by a US holding company. apintra Inc. has set up a pool for the purpose of retaining highly qualified employees with the company. As part of a joint venture, shares in apintra Inc were transferred to this company or its shareholders in exchange for software modules. They currently represent the only free float.

apintra is represented by its own subsidiaries in Europe:

  • apintra Deutschland GmbH is the European contact for sales and marketing of apintra software solutions in Europe.
  • apintra Services Ltd. is based in Leeds, UK and deals with the further development of apintra software solutions.

apintra® history and product development.

With the digital transformation, the requirements for software providers have changed enormously. The development of new technologies is very costly. Fruitful partnerships have become a necessity for this simple reason.

apintra maintains partnerships with manufacturers in the field of information technology (e.g. IBM as a CLOUD provider and DBMS manufacturer), VMWare for virtual infrastructures, and with universities (apintra Deutschland GmbH is a member of the FIR e.V. at the University of Aachen). However, there are also partnerships with smaller software houses.